Hello all, I am Polar Halim, creator of this website. I grew up in Indonesia and moved to United States to pursue my higher education. Currently staying in San Jose, California after two years of college in Seattle, Washington. I was not a big traveller in the first place until a point when I had an amazing road trip experience with one of my buddies.

It was a very eye opening experience to me noticing the beauty of the nature and also realizing the fact that I have wasted years just staying in town. Ever since that journey, I travel more than I could ever think of. I even created my own bucketlist to visit five different continents, 50 different states of the United States, 59 National Parks in the United States, and 10 countries in Southeast Asia. I am on my way there.

While getting my degree, I decided to work part-time and also an intern in professional field basically for two purpose: it helps my career in the future and for traveling. Aside from traveling, I am also an adrenaline junkie, a food lover, and an outdoor enthusiast. Life has been so good in the past couple years. I hope I can inspire all of you with my blog.


Polar Halim

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