Kuang Si Waterfall – Luang Prabang, Laos

“…whats your plan today?”, said the girl sitting across me while having our breakfast.

“Not sure, what about you?”

“Let’s go to Kuang Si Waterfall together!”

“Sure, Why not?”

Kuang Si Waterfall

Yeap, while traveling solo, you actually ended up with more people than just being solo. I agreed upon going to Kuang Si Falls without any idea what to expect. We were sitting there, chatting, getting to know each other until approximately 10AM before getting a tuk-tuk to the falls. Actually, this was the very first morning I am in Luang Prabang. Throughout our walk to the town, a lot of tuk tuk drivers actually offered a tour package to visit the falls. Apparently, I was with a girl who had done her research! We decided to go on our own.

A tuk tuk brought us to the entrance of the falls where we paid 20000Kip ($2.50) entrance fee. A short walk into the jungle-like pathway and we arrived at the bear sanctuary. I looked up, down, side by side, but I could not see a single bear. Not sure why but oh well, we continued our walk. A bunch of weird looking roots of trees could also be observed throughout the path.


After a bunch of stopping to take pictures, we arrived at the lower tier of the pool. The water here is pretty calm with turquoise color like. The stones are also uniquely colored like limestone. Or maybe it is a limestone???

Waterfall Level One

As we walked on the left side of the pool, there were several stairs to climb. Easy climb. Here we observed another level of the pool. Some small waterfall can be seen and swimming are very welcome here. But our goal for now was to reach the “real” waterfall.

Waterfall Level Two

We kept going while shrugging away the urge to swim until we saw a wooden bridge overlooking the amazing falls. It is like 50-meters drop of water. So breathtaking. Make sure to walk carefully because it is slippery. The crowd was okay during our visit which gave us plenty of room for pictures. Also, guess what? I met my buddy who was traveling with me before during my trip from Chiang Mai to Luang Prabang, which made us a set of three now.

Waterfall Top Level

As impressive as it is, that is the end of the trail. We decided to swim in one of the pool. The water was cold probably because of the shade provided by the trees. Honestly, the coldness was just perfect after a long hike. The depth of the pool was about perfect for swimming. The edge of the pool caught our attention and we decided to sit on one of the shards overlooking a few other swimmers that was on the level below us. I guessed they did not notice us at all.

Waterfall Swim

Well, time really flies when you are having fun. It was like just minutes but we spent hours there. We decided to clean ourselves and headed down to check on the bear sanctuary again. Still, no bear sadly but the view is still so breathtaking. Oh well, hopped on another tuk tuk to drive us back to the town for a late lunch.

Waterfall Cascade

A few days in Luang Prabang, I realized that Kuang Si is apparently the gem of Luang Prabang. I mean like literally what else you can do in a very small city where you can easily bumped into your newly made friends. Though, it is a small city, I love how homey this place is. There are still some places to browse but let’s just leave it here for now.


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